As you are looking for the model question paper of Junior Instructor – Computer Operator & Programming Assistant (COPA) Exam so here I am sharing the same with you

1. The range of electromagnetic spectrum between 10 KHz and 1 GHz is called:
(a)Infrared frequency
(b)Radio frequency
(c)Audio frequency
(d)Microwave frequency

2. DIX stands for:
(a)Digital, Inner and Xerox
(b)Duplicate, Inner and Xerox
(c)Digital, Intel and Xerox
(d)Duplicate, Intel and Zerox

3. In C num/=2 is:

4. The source code created by the programmer:
(c)System file

5. The shortcut key for moving to the beginning of the WORD document:

6. Which register keeps the track of the next instruction to be executed:
(a)Program counter
(b)Instruction register
(c)Input/output register
(d)Memory address register

7. POL is:
(a)Low level language
(b)Assembly language
(c)High level language
(d)Language translator

8. The voltage, current, resistance can be measured using:

9. In Excel the shortcut key for open Research task pane to search through reference material is:

10. The shortcut key for viewing macros in Excel is:

11. Which of the following is a private network?

12. Hyperlink is:

13. is:
(a)Web browser
(b)Search engine
(d)Mail id

14. The extension of HTML file is:

15. HTML was introduced in:

16. In C #define is:
(a)Pre processor directive
(b)Header file
(d)Library function

17. In C the delay() is used to:
(a)Temporarily stop an execution
(b)Stop execution in a specific interval
(c)Stop an execution
(d)Execution continues after a break

18. Office Access 2007 provides ……… different data types:

19. Fact (4) returns:

20. In Excel Banded rows are present in:
(a)Format menu
(b)Table menu
(c)Data validation
(d)Text to columns

21. Which chart illustrate comparison among individual data terms

22. No definite ordering in:
(a)Mesh topology
(b)Ring topology
(c)Graph topology
(d)Tree topology

23. Documentation is:
(a)The process of checking data in a program
(b)The process of providing sufficient information in a program to understand its working
(c)The process of preparing codes
(d)The process of preparing object programs

24. The extension in the URL, in addition to domain suffixes, the extra code ‘de’ stands for:
(b)United Kingdom

25. In VB, modules are saved with extension

26. In VB methods are:
27. Implicit conversion is performed by:

28. Magnetic tape is:
(a)Visual aid
(b)Audio aid
(c)Audio visual aid
(d)Communication aid

29. The minimum number that can be represented by 8 bit is:

30. ASCII developed in:

31. World’s first binary digital computer:

32. CD ROM was developed by:
(d)Philips and Sony

33. Intel 80386 was developed by:

34. The first fully transistorized computer

35. Hyper threaded p4 cable was introduced by

36. CCD stands for:
(a)Computer Control Device
(b)Character Control Device
(c)Charge Control Device
(d)Charge Coupled Device

37. ACID refers to:
(a)American Code for Interchange Code
(b)Accounting, Character, Information, Data
(c)Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability
(d)Alphanumeric Character Interchange Code

38.To see the SQL buffer contents with:

39. In SQL Date format % Y returns
(a)Current Year
(b)Year in four digits
(c)Year in two digits
(d)Year in three digits

40. The BLOB data type holds:
(a)255 characters
(b)65535 characters
(c)255 bytes
(d)65535 bytes

41. In SQL the BREAK command is used to:
(a)Suppressing duplicate values in a table
(b)Suppressing duplicate values in rows
(c)Breaking columns
(d)Suppress duplicate values in column

42. In SQL INSERT statement is used to
(a)Insert information into a database
(b)Insert table
(c)Insert rows
(d)Insert columns

43. MSIL refers to
(a)Micro Soft Instruction Language
(b)Micro Soft Intermediate Language
(c)Microsoft Information Language
(d)Microsoft In-Line

44. GACUTIL.EXE is used for
(a)Inserting assembly tools
(b)Inserting cache
(c)Inserting utilities
(d)Inserting intermediate language

45. Releasing unreferenced object from the memory is called
(a)Garbage collection
(c)Global collection
(d)Assembly collection

46. In .NET ! denotes

47. In VB the inbuilt class with errors are called

48. The Data Adapter Object
(a)Provides a bridge between data set and data source
(b)Provides physical connection between data sources
(c)Provides physical connection between data sets
(d)Provides physical connection between data rows and data columns

49. In .NET modification method is otherwise called as
(a)Let method
(b)Get method
(c)Mod method
(d)Change method

50. The keyword DIM is optional for
(a)Static field
(b)Integer field
(c)Character field
(d)Float field

51. Shadowing is a
(a)Writing facility
(b)Blocking facility
(c)Shading facility
(d)Inline facility

52. BCL refers to
(a)Basic Combined Level
(b)Base Class Level
(c)Basic Combined Library
(d)Base Class Library

53. The method Ceiling provides
(a)Largest whole number less than or equal to the specified number
(b)The number nearest to the specified value
(c)The smallest whole number greater than or equal to the specified number
(d)The smallest of two specified numbers

54. Quadratic time means:
(a)Doubling the input size the number of operations increased by upto four times
(b)Doubling the input size the number of operations can increase two times
(c)Doubling the input size the number of operations only increase by a fixed number of operations
(d)Doubling the input size the number of operations can increase three times
55. Producer of WWW:
(a)Tim Berners Lee
(b)Leenoye Buttov
(c)Lee Shoels
(d)Chris Strou Wide

56. DML is:
(a)Data Maintaining Language
(b)Data Merging Language
(c)Data Managing Language
(d)Data manipulation Language

57. AVG is
(a)Application software
(d)Graphic adapter

58. The speed of triple core athelon is
(a)2.2 GHz to 2.9 GHz
(b)2.0 GHz to 2.5 GHz
(c)2.2 GHz to 2.5 GHz
(d)2.0 GHz to 2.9 GHz

59. Input to the Monitor is
(a)1 type
(b)2 types
(c)3 types
(d)4 types

60. Which social networking site have more visitors

61. G.O.K web was introduced by

62. CMOS is
(a)Digital Image Senser
(b)Charging Semi Conductor
(c)Complimentory image register
(d)High Sensitive metal

63. Structural Light Illumination (SLI) technology is used in:
(a)3D finger printing
(c)Tele image printing
(d)Structure image printing

64. Internet piracy occurs
(a)When a software is installed from CD ROM
(b)A software is downloaded from the Internet
(c)A software is copied from CD ROM
(d)A software is copied from hard disc

65. A free software has ……… types of freedom

66. The binary number of (12)10 :

67. Computer memory is designed to hold
(a)Digital data
(b)Binary data
(c)Alpha numeric data
(d)Physical data

68. In a decimal number 1523 the digit 1 is called

69. (25)10=

70. The most commonly used alpha numeric code is

71. A mouse connected to parallel interface is called
(a)Serial mouse
(b)Bus mouse
(c)Optical mouse
(d)Mouse driver

72. The process of converting electrical signals into binary from is called

73. The number of times a monitor scans the entire screen each second is called
(a)Pulse rate
(b)Refresh rate
(d)Sensing rate

74. LASER printer resolution is measured in
(a)Page per second
(b)Dots per inch
(c)Page per minutes
(d)Lines per second

75. The pie shaped segment on the disc surface is called

76. IDE is
(a)Disc controller
(b)Drive controller
(c)Partition controller
(d)Head controller

77. The total capacity of DVD ROM is
(a)8 GB
(b)8.5 GB
(c)16 GB
(d)18 GB

78. In DOS a Metastring consists of
(a)?+single character
(b)*+ single character
(c)$+ single character
(d)%+ single character

79. In DOS the core entity is referred as
(a)Sub directory
(b)Parent directory
(d)Root directory

80. In windows file or folder attributes
(a)Two types
(b)Three types
(c)Four types
(d)Five types

81. Which is WORD’s standard template
(d)System file

82. The shortcut key for full screen

83. Merging two deck of cards in such a manner for computing data is

84. CLR stands for
(a)Clear Language Runtime
(b)Common Language Runtime
(c)Comparing Language Runtime
(d)Composite Language Runtime

85. A multi branching control statement is
(b)If…. Else ladder
(c)Switch… case
(d)Nested if

86. The blue print of the database
(a)Date types
(b)Field type
(c)Database structure
(d)Database design

87. The defualt view in WORD
(a)Page Layout
(c)Web Layout
(d)Print Layout

88. A folder is a ……… in MS DOS
(b)File name
(d)Sub directory

89. Microsoft 3.0 was released in the year

90. Novell Netware is a ……… operating system
(b)Wide Area Network
(c)Local Area Network
(d)Metropolitan Area Network

91. In a Magnetic disk reading and writing is performed by

92. The nervous system of the computer
(a)Central Processing Unit
(b)Memory Unit
(c)Control Unit
(d)Arithmetic Logic Unit

93. RTC stands for
(a)Real Transfer Control
(b)Real Time Clock
(c)Real Time Cylinder
(d)Rotational Time Clock

94. ……… is a collection of record

95. To logout from the UNIX –section ……… shortcut key is used

96. To insert a decorative text in the document ……… is used
(b)Text box
(c)Drop cap
(d)Word art

97. Indexing of a record is possible in
(a)Data file
(b)Batch file
(c)Document file
(d)Database file

98. In C language the data type float has ……… memory requirement
(a)1 byte
(b)2 bytes
(c)3 bytes
(d)4 bytes

99. An iteration control statement
(d)Nested if

100. In C language ……… function is used to allocate a block of memory
(a)calloc( )
(b)realloc( )
(c)free( )
(d)malloc( )

Answer Key

1. B 2. C 3. D 4. B 5. A
6. A 7. C 8. C 9. A 10. D
11. D 12. A 13. B 14. C 15. C
16. A 17. B 18. C 19. D 20. B
21. C 22. C 23. B 24. C 25. A
26. C 27. B 28. B 29. A 30. A
31. B 32. D 33. A 34. C 35. C
36. D 37. C 38. B 39. B 40. D
41. D 42. A 43. B 44. B 45. A
46. D 47. C 48. A 49. B 50. A
51. B 52. D 53. C 54. A 55. A
56. D 57. C 58. A 59. B 60. D
61. B 62. A 63. A 64. B 65. D
66. C 67. B 68. D 69. B 70. C
71. B 72. A 73. B 74. B 75. C
76. A 77. B 78. C 79. D 80. C
81. A 82. A 83. D 84. B 85. C
86. C 87. B 88. C 89. A 90. C
91. D 92. C 93. B 94. B 95. A
96. D 97. D 98. D 99. A 100. D cc

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