Who was appointed as the 1-day Home
Minister of the state of Madhya Pradesh –
Meenakshi Verma
· Who was appointed as the President of
International Olympic Committee (I0C)

Thomas Bach
· Which Indian actress was included in the
list of WEF Young Global Leaders

Deepika Padukone
· Who was awarded the Baton of Honor by
Ramnath Kovind – Kiran Bedi
· Which country launched the virus passport
– China
· Who was awarded the International
Federation of Film Archive (FIAF)

Amitabh Bachchan
· When was World Kidney Day celebrated – 11
· Which bank launched Wear-Ann-P
contactless payment wearable device –
Axis Bank
· Which bank held the top position in the list
of digital payment scorecards
– State
Bank of India
· Who is the author of the launch book “A
Road Map For Entrepreneur”
– Jitendra

· Who has been appointed as the new Chief
Statistician of India
– GP Samat
· In which state a center of excellence in the
dairy sector
will be established – Rajasthan
· Which state started Saheli Self Center
– Delhi
· Which establishment day was celebrated
by the Central Industrial Security Force on
10 March
– 52nd
· Which country started the first military
exercise “Asterx” in space
– Franc

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