Abbey – a building occupied by monks or nuns and run by an abbot or abbess.

Basilica – a type of early Christian church.

Cathedral – the main church in an area and the seat of the bishop.

Chapel – a place of worship within a larger building, or a nonconformist Christian religious building.

Church – a building used for public worship by Christians.

Convent or Nunnery – the home of a community of nuns.

Dagoba – a Buddhist shrine.

Friary – home to friars, members of a religious order.

Meeting house – a place where certain religious groups, such as Quakers, gather.

Monastery – the home to a religious community of monks.

Mosque – a Muslim place of worship.

Pagoda – an Eastern temple.

Priory – a religious house run by a prior; it may be under the control of an abbey.

Shrine – a place of worship connected with a sacred person or saint. It may contain sacred objects or relics.

Synagogue – a building for Jewish religious services.

Tabernacle – a house or tent used for worship, named after the tent used by the Israelites to cover the Ark of the Covenant.

Temple – a place of worship dedicated to a particular god or gods.  Also sometimes used instead of synagogue.

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