Unusual Phobias

  • Alektorophobia fear of Chickens
  • Onomatophobia- fear of Names
  • Pogonophobia- fear of Beards
  • Nephophobia- fear of Clouds
  • Cryophobia- fear of Ice or Cold
  • Chorophobia- fear of Dancing
  • Pediophobia- fear of Dolls
  • Ichthyophobia- fear of Fish
  • Batrachophobia- fear of Frogs
  • Chaetophobia- fear of Hair
  • Eisoptrophobia- fear of Mirrors
  • Linonophobia- fear of String
  • Odontophobia- fear of Teeth
  • Ttriskaidekaphobia- fear of Number 13

Usual Phobias

  • Arachnophobia- fear of Spiders
  • Ophidiophobia- fear of Snakes
  • Aerophobia or Aviatophobia- fear of Flying
  • Acrophobia- fear of Heights
  • Aichmophobia- fear of needles or pointed objects
  • Bathmophobia- fear of stairs or steep slopes
  • Trypanophobia- fear of Injections
  • Hydrophobia- fear of Water
  • Dentophobia- fear of Dentists
  • Cynophobia- fear of Dogs
  • Elurophobia- fear of cats
  • Hemophobia- fear of Bloods
  • Astraphobia- fear of Thunder and Lightning
  • Entomophobia- fear of insect

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